Grandma's BBQ Sauce

We have brought our Grandma's BBQ Sauce to your table. This sweet and tangy tomato based BBQ sauce is sure to please your palate.


Uncle Al's White Sauce

Our homemade cream and cheese sauce is wonderfully flavored with diced onions, chopped garlic, white wine and various other ingredients.


New Classic tomato Sauce

Fresh red tomatoes cooked together with the perfect pair of vegetables and seasonings.


Primo Gringo's Vinaigrette

Charred jalapenos, tomatoes, and onions, pureed with vinegar seasonings and oil. Also available creamy.


Gma's BBQ Vinaigrette

We use our famous Grandma's BBQ Sauce in a vinaigrette to make the most satisfying salad you have had. Also available creamy.


Kris' Karamello

We make our unique caramel sauce in the most rich and wonderful way, you will never look at caramel the same.